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tv   Eyewitness News at 4  CBS  December 7, 2011 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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tracking first warning weather. bob? >> it is snowing in western allegheny. sooner or later, going to move into central maryland. take a look at radar. there's a lot of rain around. we've had an inch or inch and a half. once again, snowing from frostburg west. around the baltimore region, it's rain. light to moderate. moderate rain. some heavy pockets out by hancock and berkeley springs. the eastern shore had almost no rain the entire day. basically, southeast of washington, very light rain. we still have rain in the
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forecast. because the rain continues, we have flood watches in effect for the entire area east of the appalachians. we have a winter storm warning. a winter weather advisory has been canceled for the city of baltimore and anne arundel county. it's in effect for northern baltimore county. portions of northern harford, carol, and frederick. that's a winter weather advisory. for how much snow are we expecting in these areas? generally 1 to 3 inches. and we're talking late tonight. after a little after 12:00. garrett county could see 4 to 8 inches. around d.c., a trace to an inch. eastern shore, should just end up with just end up with plain range. messy night on tap. it will get colder later. which means, overnight tonight, there could be icy conditions, particularly north and west. former illinois governor -- and stay with eyewitness news and first warning weather. we'll bring you the latest on
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the weather conditions and as they change. former illinois governor rod blagojevich is heading to prison. alexis christoforous reports from new york. blagojevich's sentence and his reaction. >> reporter: rod blagojevich fought his way through the crowd, minutes after hearing his sentence. >> this is a time to fight through adversity. this is a time for me to be strong for my children. be strong for patty. >> reporter: the judge ordered the illinois governor to serve 14 years in prison for corruption, a stiffer penalty than most of the state's corruption cases, but less than the 20 years the 54-year-old could have faced. before hearing his sentence, blagojevich made a plea for mercy. his voice cracking with emotion, he told the judge, he never set out to break the law, but admitted to making terrible mistakes and said he is unbelievably sorry. prosecutors said blagojevich damaged the government and deserved a stiff sentence.
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>> today's sentence of 14 years on former governor blagojevich sends a strong message that the public has had enough and judges have had enough. >> reporter: blagojevich's troubles began three years ago, after the fbi caught him on wire taps, offering to sell political favors. prosecutors said one tape proved he was trying to auction president obama's vacant senate seat to the highest bidder. >> i've got this thing. and it's -- [ bleep ] golden. >> reporter: some of the jurors who convicted blagojevich returned to hear his punishment. >> i think not to see it come through, i would have wondered what occurred for the rest of my life. and i needed to experience it. >> reporter: blagojevich is the second illinois governor in a row to be sentenced to prison and the fourth in the last decade. alexis christoforous, wjz eyewitness news. >> blagojevich must also pay a $20,000 fine. he is to report to prison, february 16th. it will most likely be a minimal security facility
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outside of the state. arrested again. former penn state coach jerry sandusky is back in police custody. denise is in the newsroom with more. >> sandusky was just arraigned and is in a pennsylvania county bail, after being unable to post $250,000 bail in cash. he was arrested at his home this afternoon. he is being charged with two more counts of sexual abuse. both of the new accusers were part of sandusky's charity. sandusky is now facing more than 40 counts of child sex abuse. kai? >> penn state's long-time football coach joe paterno was fired last month for not reporting the alleged allegations against jerry sandusky sooner. predawn raid. police in san francisco move in to occupy a camp. dozens of police cars, fire engines and ambulances, surrounded the blocked-off area. protestors say the police activity came as a surprise.
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officers gave demonstrators five minutes. 70 people were arrested. emotional anniversary. it's been 70 years since the japanese attacked pearl harbor, sending the united states into world war ii. sandra hughes reports for wjz, from hawaii on how veterans are marking the day. >> reporter: the military band played as dignitaries, veterans and the public waited to mark the exact moment when japan attacked pearl harbor 70 years ago. >> may we take a moment of silence to honor those who gave their lives in the fight at pearl harbor. >> december 7, 1941, a date which will live in infamy. >> reporter: it was a time when america pulled together, as it was pulled into world war ii. for those who were there, pearl harbor can never be forgotten. >> i'll tell the story until the rest of my life.
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>> reporter: delton watched in horror from the communication tower as ships burned in front of his eyes. >> you couldn't see the ships because of all of the smoke. >> he had fought his own battle just to get there. going as far as to get a surgeon to amputate his dead finger so he could be there. >> he said, you're nuts. and i said, maybe. but i gotta do this employ. >> those with firsthand knowledge are passing away. >> reporter: the pearl harbors survivors association is disbanding at the end of the year. there aren't enough members to keep it going. >> when these survivors are going, the stories will go with them. and will the history live on is the question. >> reporter: these veterans fear pearl harbor will be forgotten. and a lesson on how to keep america safe will be lost. in los angeles, sandra hughes, wjz eyewitness news. >> a pearl harbor memorial was
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held today aboard the coast guard cutter tawny. we'll take you there, coming up all new at 5:00 and 6:00. new trouble for bp. today, federal regulators issued a second set of violations, related to the 2010 rig explosion and spill. jessica kartalija is live in the newsroom with more on what regulators are saying bp failed to do to prevent the catastrophe. >> reporter: the bureau of enforcement issued five new citations. but first, that bp failed to do an accurate pressure test before the explosion. bp is also being cited for not drilling for safety. 11 rig workers were killed in the explosion that poured millions of gallons of oil into the gulf of mexico. the first set of violations were issued in october. those opened the door for civil pen elts, imposed by the federal government. >> bp has 60 days to appeal the violations. the fda is overruled. the morning after pill is not
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moving to drug store shelves. drew levinson has more on today's unusual decision by the department of health and human services. >> reporter: the nation's health secretary has stopped the morning after pill from being more widely distributed. in a surprise move, health and human services secretary kathleen sibealuous, overruled an fda plan that would have allowed plan b emergency contraception to be sold over the counter to young women. instead, teenagers, under 17, will still need a prescription to buy it. the move disappoints women's health advocates. >> as an ob/gyn and the father of a daughter, i find this really to be mind-boggling. make nose sense whatever. >> reporter: the pill can be taken within three days after unprotected sex. sebelius says it is safe and effective but says younger girls may not understand how to use t. >> we think that removing that
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necessary medical screening and that interaction with the medical professional is not in the interest of young women's health. >> reporter: the company that makes plan b, had hoped with the company's approval, it would be able to put the pill on store shelves. now they'll stay behind the pharmacists' counter. >> college students we spoke to understand the controversy. >> if you allow the teenagers to have the plan b, it just gives it like an open area to go and have sex. physical you're 13 years old, you're not that responsible yet. so i feel like it should be over the counter. >> reporter: the company that makes the pill says it is going to review the decision before taking its next step. >> reporter: in new york, drew levinson, wjz eyewitness news. >> plan b contains a higher dose of the hormone progestin that has been widely used in regular birth control pills for decades. let's check in on the roads with kristy breslin at wjz traffic control. hi, kristy. >> hi, kai. hi, everyone. we have a couple of accidents to update you on. the rain definitely not making
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things easier. we have an accident to watch out for at telegraph road. also, northbound 29 at 70. traveling northbound 95, at caton avenue, another crash there, blocking the right-hand lane. and as far as the beltway goes, a lot of congestion surrounding that. the top side inner loop, heavy from park heights avenue to harford road. and the west side inner loop, also very heavy there, from southwestern boulevard to liberty. traveling 70, we have problems there in both directions. westbound, from 29 to marysville road. and eastbound, some congestion as well to the beltway. looking at travel times from the inner loop. 34 miles an hour average. and 18 minutes to get through. let's take a live look outside. looks like everything is moving very smoothly on the harrisburg expressway at pedonia road. this traffic report is brought to you by kfc. it's the official chicken of the baltimore ravens. come in and enjoy a 10-fees holiday feast for $20 at kf
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#kr. back to you. a newly renovated theater at johns hopkins university is renamed for actor john astin. it was renamed over the weekend. astin, a frequent morning show coffee with guest, is credited for revitalizing the school's theater program. he's been teaching this since 2001. and by the way, he's a 1952 graduate. he starred as gomez, as you know, in the adams family, in the 1950s. still ahead on eyewitness news at 4:00. hear from the other celebrity on plane with alec baldwin. and what he says really happened before the actor was kibbed off. cheap and convenient. but ramen noodles are sending children to the emergency room. we'll tell you why. once a thief. now a suspect. the charges a transgendered woman is now facing. and if you're going out now, you may need to take a winter coat and umbrella with
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you. there is no and colder weather on the way.
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instant noodles in a cup may be cheap and convenient. but they are sending some children to the emergency room. a report says doctors are seeing more children with soup burns. the problem is the boiling water that you pour into the cups cook the noodles. they can easily spill over. a group of doctors is now working with manufacturers to fix the design problem. emmy winning actor, harry morgan, of tv's mash died. his daughter-in-law said the actor died at his home after suffering a bout of pneumonia. morgan played on the big screen. opposite such stars as john wayne and even elvis presley. but it was two tv roles, colonel potter and mash.
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he was 96 years old. a popular cell phone gets actor kicked off a baltimore plane. now, those who saw it happened are speaking out. hazel sanchez has reaction from passengers. >> reporter: actor alec baldwin was playing the online game, words with friends, while sitting aboard a new york airlines flight. he claims a flight attendant became so enraged. and he said, flight attendant on american reamed me out for playing words with friends, while we sat at the gate, not moving. >> they said to turn everything off. and he was doing it. >> boxer, oscar de la hoya was sitting among the passengers. de la hoya was shocked to see the actor get kicked off the plane. >> alec baldwin was turning off his devices. he just got a little angry. that's about it. >> reporter: the airline responded only by saying only to privacy concerns, regarding
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our customers. we don't comment on something that might or might not have happened. some passengers on board are upset bald wip caused a 40--- baldwin caused a 40- or 45- minute night day -- delay. >> he looked a little intoxicated to me. >> reporter: a friend said alec was asked to leave the plane for playing words with friends. he loved words with friends so much that he had left a plane for it. baldwin later tweeted, now on the 3:00 american flight. the flight attendants already look smarty. >> that was hazel sanchez reporting. american airlines says its flight attendants followed federal safety regulations, regarding electronic devices. >> a decent afternoon on wall street. >> after a slow morning, the dow surges late in the trading day. the dow is up 46.
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s&p up 3. nasdaq down a fraction. let's go to new york, where alexis christoforous has tonight's cbs money watch update. citigroup is cutting 4500 jobs worldwide. that's less than 2% of its work force. the bank says it is part of the company's efforts to trim costs. the job cuts will be made over the next six months. credit reporting agency, transunion, expects the national foreclosure crisis to get better. they say that barring unforeseen problems, the number of homeowners behind on their mortgage payments should decline significantly within a year or so. shares of talbot jumped 60% or so, after a private sector offered to buy the struggling retailer for more than $200 million. and jc penney is buying a minority support for nearly $39 million. the move by apple executive, ron johnson, includes plans to create many martha stewart
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shops and a joint website. martha stewart currently has a product line at macy's. the department store says it is now rethinking that agreement. that's your money watch. for more, go to in new york, i'm alexis christoforous. it's holiday light decorating made easy. all you have to do is make a call. there's a company that specializes in hanging up christmas lights. when they come out to hang up the lights, they even spread holiday cheer. the service gives each home a customized display. coming up on eyewitness news at 4:00. reducing your risk for breast cancer. don't miss healthwatch. intelligence tip. how mexico stops a plan to get moammar gadhafi's son into mexico. and a winter weather advisory goes in effect on several maryland counties. wjz is always on. for the top stories on, instant updates and first warning weather all the time, click ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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all right. wow. >> that's maryland. >> western maryland. >> that's western maryland.
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it's snowing from frostburg west. they've already got a couple of inches of wet snow. temperatures generally around 30. cumberland still rain. like 38. that snow line, slowly heading out to the east. take a look at radar. there's plenty around. heavy echoes. and the snow and freezing fog out in garrett county right now. we have rain in our region. even flood warnings around the d.c. area. minor flooding in roadways. smaller streams out in the banks, as much as 2 inches of rain falling in that region. we've had about 1 to 1 1/4th inches of rain. temperature-wise, we are still there. 53. the winds have turned to the north/northeast at 9. it will start cooling down. barometer, still falling. 29.97. 30 in oakland. last report, cumberland at 31. 57, 61. southern delaware and
4:24 pm
salisbury, now coming in at 70 degrees. i am not kidding. a 40-degree spread across the region. westminster, 49. 54 bel air. 56, kent island. you can see how varied the air is this afternoon. oakland with a 5-mile-an-hour wind. but it's a cold breeze. northeast winds, northeast winds, continue to bring chilly air in. and eventually, later tonight, it will probably get cold enough for a changeover to rain, to wet snow. obviously far western maryland, that will happen first. and it slowly but surely will slide across the state. it will stop right around the baltimore region. that's why we're not expecting too much out of this. but it will certainly turn cooler, tonight, tomorrow. even colder as we take another front coming through the weekend. keeps us pretty chilly. but how much should we expect across the baltimore, d.c. area? a trace to an inch. and frostburg, western allegheny county, garrett, 4 to 8 inches of snow. there will be issues out there for sure.
4:25 pm
west winds, 15 to 20 knots. small of the -- small craft advisory tomorrow. rain can be heavy. and it will mix with rain and snow, late tonight. 32 by morning. there can be icy spots, particularly north and west of the city. the streets are still very warm. i don't think there will be any issues in the city at all. 46 eventually. a breezy and cooler day, with the sun returning, all in all, not a bad day tonight. 11, 12:00, 1 to 3 in the morning. the sun will come up in the morning. probably by drive time, it will be just dry and breezy. >> that was good to hear. thank you, bob. don't miss the primemime of time -- primetime lineup at 10:00. then stay tuned for eyewitness news at 11:00. the ravens are back against the winless indianapolis colts. you can see that game, live at 1:00, here on wjz 13. on saturday, don't miss the 112th edition of the army-navy game, saturday afternoon, at
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2:30, live here on wjz 13. scott pelley has a preview of what's coming up tonight on the cbs evening news. it's been 70 years since the attack on pearl harbor. now, one of the last survivors will tell us about that day of infamy. hear his story tonight on the cbs evening news. making a pledge. what florida a and m students are promising after the death of a promising marching band member. deadly stage collapse. the offer indiana is making to each family in the seven people killed. syracuse investigation. who the county district attorney is apologizing to in that scandal. eyewitness news at 4:00 continues with denise and vic right after this. ,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it is 4:29. 53 degrees. and it's raining.
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hello. thanks for staying with eyewitness news. i'm denise koch. >> and i'm vic carter. here's what people are talking about. >> the accusers are incredible. but there will -- credible. but there will be charges against bernie fine. the district attorney apologized at the two former ball boys making the allegations. ines ferre reports. >> reporter: two former ball boys who accused a former syracuse university are credible. he says bernie fine would be under arrest, if not for the statute of limitations already expiring. >> the district attorney is angry that a tape robby davis made in 2002 was never turned over to police. >> i know everything that went on with them. he has issues. >> reporter: in a phone call, fine's wife acknowledges that he had issues.
4:31 pm
>> anyone who listens to that tape, which will be authenticated by federal authorities, cannot fail to understand that bobby is being truthful. >> reporter: syracuse university investigated fine in 2009 but did not find any abuse. >> they notified the student base right away. they fired them. >> i think they did a pretty good job. i'm just -- i mean, it was kind of blown out of proportion. >> fine denies all of the charges. he was fired last month after the tape surfaced. now, some are calling for fine's friend, head basketball coach, jim bayheim to step down. >> in syracuse, ines ferre, wjz eyewitness news. >> prosecutors say they will look into whether more possible victims are out there. dozens of people are injured in the stage collapse at the indiana state fair will receive no compensation. >> several people were killed, dozens more injured, when strong winds toppled the stage
4:32 pm
at a sugar land concert in august. [ screams [ ] >> the state of indiana has offered to pay $300,000 to each of the victim's families. the remainder of the $5 million compensation fund will pay for partial medical expenses for 61 people who were hurt. 45 others who had filed claims won't see a dime. the proposed settlement was separate from a lawsuit last month, against a ban against others last month. >> victims have until monday to accept or reject the state's offer. >> well, some winter weather is heading our way. you may have heard, there's a live look outside at route 68. savage mountain in garrett county, where you see snow is already falling. that's garrett county. bob is here with a look at live doppler radar. >> right now, it's 71 degrees in salisbury. 30 in garrett county, with heavy snow falling. and in between, we're basically in the 50s with rain.
4:33 pm
take a look at radar. there's still a lot of rain around. you can see a flood warning around the d.c. area. we've had minor flooding. around the area, moderate, light rain. heavy pockets down by washington. out to the west, there is a heavy band of rain. right along the mountains from hancock to west virginia. and west of frostburg, it's all snow. eastern shore hasn't really seen much in the way of rain at all. just to the southeast of annapolis. very light rain going on. you'll probably see more activity but later on tonight. here in the city, we've got rain on tap, for the next, probably next six, seven, eight hours, before we might see it change to some snow. we have a flood watch for all of the area, east of the mountains, including baltimore metro. and d.c. areas, up toward p.a. as well. and baltimore county north, that's north of the city, carroll county, frederick county west. it's a winter weather advisory. has been canceled for the city. no longer expect to see a whole lot here from the city. but what we do expect to see is some slight accumulation on the
4:34 pm
lawns, overnight tonight. after midnight to maybe 3:00, 4:00 in the morning. that's a chance of precip. a trace to an inch there. and garrett county, four to eight inches very likely. eastern shore will just see all rain in this system. and temperatures will be dropping. we get down to maybe 32 degrees overnight. some areas north and west of town. there may be some icy spots overnight tonight. watch out for that. denise? >> all right. thank you, bob. and if and when it does start to snow in your neighborhood, we'd like to see your pictures. you can e-mail them to wjz web alert at or click at the link at the top of the home page. the death of a florida a&m band member, puts the spotlight on a long history of hazing at the school. >> reporter: movements after an anti-hazing assembly at the university, florida a&m president, james amon defending
4:35 pm
how his school stops hazing on campus. >> why hasn't the school done more to stop hazing before this? >> the universality has a zero tolerance rule. >> thomas was found unresponsive on a marching band bus last month. his parents -- >> we send soldiers overseas to fight for us. and we know there's a possibility that they might be in harm's way. but when you send your kids to college, you don't think that he's going to come back in a body bag. >> reporter: students have described a routine of ritual hazing for members of the famed marching 100. former band director, julian white, told cbs news, he suspended two dozen band members for hazing, just days before champion's death. white, who was fired last week, says he repeatedly asked administrators to take stronger
4:36 pm
action to stop hazing. >> did i make the recommendations? yes, i did. were they followed? for the most part, no. >> reporter: there have been dozens of students suspended from the band. what more did it have to take? one of your own students here asks why it took someone dying, essentially, to get this to happen. >> every allegation of hazing has been fully investigated and appropriate disciplinary actions have been taken. >> now, today, the university said dismissal procedures against julian white, have been placed on hold. he has been placed on administrative leave with pay. stemming from a deadly shooting spree. it left 13 people dead, including the gunman. the university said the school violated the law by waiting more than two hours to notify the students about the first shots fired. today, a judge talked about a
4:37 pm
fine handed down against the university. former black pacter -- panther abu jamal was sentenced to death for gunning down faulkner in 2001. the court ordered a new hearing in april. today, prosecutors announced they will no longer pursue the death penalty. a transgendered woman, viciously attacked inside a baltimore county mcdonald's, now has her own scrape with the law. jessica kartalija has more. >> the video of two women attacking crissy polis inside the rosedale mcdonald's, went viral in practical prl. -- in april. police were called to her house after polis said she was the victim of a robbery. officers say she became belligerent, apparently unhappy with their handling of the matter. polis is set for trial.
4:38 pm
>> this set new efforts to strengthen anti-discrimination laws. school children. the target in mondawmin mall hosted shop with a cop today. each child was given a $100 gift certificate to shop with the officer. target picked up the bill. plenty to talk about. traveling westbound 70. we have that accident, still lingering there, at telegraph road. that's going to tie things up. as far as delays go, still heavy there. 29 to marriottsville road. you'll also see brake lights as you head towards the beltway. as far as the north side inner loop goes, just crawling along to harford road. the southwest side of the inner loop, also crawling from southwestern boulevard, past liberty. and if you're traveling northbound 95, very heavy there, from the howard county line to the beltway.
4:39 pm
harrisburg expressway, trouble in the northbound direction. things are loosening up in the southbound direction. let's now take a live look, as you can see, things just bumper to bumper. this traffic report is brought to you by kfc. it's the official chicken of the baltimore ravens. come in and try a 10-piece holiday feast. only at kfc. tastes so good. a pair of kittens, left to die on the side of the road, are safe, thanks to a dog. the kittens were sealed into a bag of cat food, then dumped into the street in des moines, iowa. reagan the laboratory, always a lab, found the bag, dragged it home to its owner, and whined until she opened it. the kittens were so weak, they had to be fed with a bottle. now, three months later, skipper and tipper are a pair of healthy kiteps. and-- kittens. and no, the lab was not after the cat food inside the bag. the lab knew the kittens were in there, i'm convinced.
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i'm a lab lover. deadly wall of water, rescuers. what they're saying was so unusual. the critical work u.s. troops are doing so they can arrive back home safely. and a winter weather advisory for the area. what you can expect and when. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the wall of water that devastated japan in march, actually started as a couple of waves. researchers say two waves combined to create a merging tsunami. the waves were triggered by the 9.0 earthquake that struck eastern japan. 150,000 people died as a result of that quake and tsunami, which also sparked the nuclear crisis at the fuch seema-- fukushima power plant. nuclear regulatory commission says that recent instances of human error have put employees at risk.
4:44 pm
workers in plants in ohio and nebraska were recently exposed to high levels of radiation, while three other plants were shut down because of safety concerns. an international plot to smuggle one of moammar gadhafi's sons is foiled. >> officials say alsad gadhafi tried traveling to mexico with false documents but never made it there. four people have been implicated in that plot. officials say they flew into mexico on a private flight. even opened bank accounts for gadhafi and his family. his father was ousted for power. officials claim that they were never warned that gadhafi was seeking refuge in their country. >> gadhafi is currently under house arrest in niger. preparing to leave iraq. troops are preparing to leave their home in the states. jim axelrod has more on important business they have to
4:45 pm
finish first. an army base. the soldiers for the first brigade cavalry are loading up as they get ready to move out. it's called operation new dawn. the final withdrawal of u.s. troops from iraq. >> i don't believe so. >> reporter: lieutenant justin lucas, will command 100 soldiers when his unit's turn. >> i don't know how it will read in the history books. but it's definitely historic. and i'm proud to be part of it. >> reporter: in 2008, lucas was among the first soldiers into iraq. now he'll be among the last to leave. and he's trying to keep things, as usual for his troops, knowing they'll be high-profile targets. >> they want to bloody your nose. >> yes, sir. they would love nothing more than to bloody us up on the way out and get some footage of them doing it. and then they can -- you know, they can show that to the people and say, you know, look
4:46 pm
what we did. we ran off the americans. >> reporter: he observed three things with this weapon. >> reporter: which is why soldiers who have been clerks or cooks or fuel handlers are suddenly getting intensive training. on skills they may mead to get home alive. >> at one point, there were 170,000 u.s. military troops in iraq. a tragic end to a standoff in texas, where a mother shoots her children at a welfare office before committing suicide. police say the woman was upset because the agency had just denied her food stamps. she took one employee hostage. but he was later released. both children are fighting to stay alive tonight. new factors in the death of an nhl star. derek bogard died of an accidental overdose in may. but research shows that his brain shows signs of neurosurgeon disease. bogard was reportedly involved in more than 60 brawls
4:47 pm
throughout his nhl career. a new report from the institute of medicine suggests ways women may be able to reduce their risk of breast cancer. bigat shaban reports about one woman who is doing everything she can to stay healthy. >> i totally did. >> reporter: jennifer zeits' family history puts her at an increased risk for breast cancer. her mother has it. so did her sister. >> i watched my sister pass away. and it was awful. she was only 28. >> reporter: nothing can be done about genetics, but a new incident of medicine report is outlining other ways women can reduce their chances of getting the disease. they include no smoking, avoiding certain hormone therapies and eliminating alcohol and x-rays. >> you get a pain in your sign. and somebody says, why don't you get a ct scan are ways we can avoid the express
4:48 pm
radiation. >> using cell phones and hair dye. multiple studies haven't shown a link to the disease. >> the report says maintaining a healthy weight can also help. jennifer is still concerned with all of the chemicals she uses as a hair dresser. she now sees a prevention specialist to reduce her own factors and is even considering having her breasts removed as a precaution. >> i'm going to do everything i can. i'm going to fight for my health and my children. >> reporter: as a mother of three, she's determined to stay healthy for her family. in los angeles, bigad shaban, wjz eyewitness news. the report says maintaining a healthy weight and exercising can also help. late apple cofounder steve jobs is being immortalized in bronze. this statue was made in hungary by the founder and chairman of a software maker there. it shows jobs as he is gesturing while he lectures or talks. it will be unveiled officially
4:49 pm
later this month. the sculptor says he's worked on it the last few months. lawyers for barry bonds are asking the judge to give him probation. bonds was convicted in april of obstructing a grand jury sports doping situation. federal guidelines on that charge recommend a prison sentence between 15 and 21 months. bonds is expected back in court, december 16th. talking about missing the mark. a popular tv show's experiment went incredibly wrong. a cannon ball went flying through. the ball was supposed to go through barrels of water and the cinder block wall before hitting some hills. but it clearly missed its target. i like that show. >> i love that snow. >> but -- they were really way off there. >> yeah. sometimes, you bust more than a myth, i guess. winter is still weeks away. but winter weather is moving into maryland. is this. >> bob has the first warning
4:50 pm
weather update next. ,,,,,,,,,, man: my electric bill was breaking the bank.
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well, this is the reason we live out here. out there, where it's snowing in grantsville. >> go west. >> we're talking about the contrast across the state this afternoon. it's 30 degrees, the snow out in garrett county. and we're about 2,000 feet or so above sea level. right now, it's 71 and sunny in salisbury. huge difference. in between, we've got rain as you can see. take a look at radar. quite a bit of rain. that rain-snow line, right through there. just to the west of cumberland. frost burg, west, that's where it's snowing. and sooner or later, it will move off to the east. and maybe by 1:00, 2:00 in the morning, it will be this distance. we expect this see a rain mix to snow late tonight. i'm talking most of us will be asleep. and that's good news. take a look at temperatures right now. 54. the dew points way up there at 52. humidity, 92%. north winds at 7. that would continue to bring in
4:54 pm
chilly air. and by later tonight, we'll be back in the upper 30s, 40s. once it gets to about 37, 38, you might see some wet snowflakes. and it will have to snow pretty hard. the ground so hard. and wet out there. for the big wet snowflakes to accumulate. but it might happen in some spots. and falling snow. cumberland just dropped from 40 to 39. 30 in oakland. 45, hagerstown. that's moving across our region. 52, d.c. 61, ocean city. but i just checked, salisbury, still with sun and 71 degrees. locally, 47 now. westminster. now, if you're heading up this way, late tonight, 11:00, 12:00, you'll probably see? snow. this area could see up to 3 inches of snow. around the city, maybe a trace to an inch in some of the lawn areas. right now, winds back to the north. bringing that cool air in. low pressure still moving across the region. once it gets to a position just southeast of us, the winds start turning more to the
4:55 pm
north. and that allows that cold air to come in. see out to the west? there's snow breaking out in western p.a. there you see it all across virginia now. here is the rain. still more to the south. that's where we do have the flooded watches out in effect. cooler air coming in the next few days. once that storm gets out of here. tomorrow morning, we'll probably see sun by 6:00 in the morning when it rises smtion rain south and east of us, generally run, 95 to a trace to an inch. 1 to 3 north. higher spots may see 3 to 4. heavy snow. west winds, 15 to 20 knots on the bay. bay temp around 50 degrees. and an advisory. gale warning tonight. 32. rain heavy at times. then mix, then snow. i'm talking late, late tonight. then maybe 1:00, 2:00 in the morning. for tomorrow. sunshine returns. a breezy and cooler day. it may be dryer tomorrow. maybe icy spots with temperatures getting to 32. it can cause some spots of ice. even in the northern and
4:56 pm
western suburbs, it's possible tonight. >> thank you, bob. still to come on eyewitness news tonight. what's next for convicted robocall conspirator paul schurick? and what does this guilty
4:57 pm
4:58 pm
heavy rains and snow. wjz is tracking what to expect in first warning weather. new charges in the penn state sex abuse scandal. who is responsible? i'm mike hellgren in carroll county, where a little boy died after being crushed by a tree. why his devastated mom says the county is to blame. and why she's outraged at their
4:59 pm
response. click in for more on these stories and all the day's breaking news. eyewitness news at 5:00 starts now. i'm kai jackson. >> and i'm denise koch. mary is off tonight. here's what people are talking about. >> maryland braces for winter weather. heavy weather has been coming down. and right now, it's snowing in western maryland. you're looking at interstate 68 in garrett county, where conditions are pretty messy. wjz is live with first warning coverage. bob turk is tracking live doppler radar and what we should expect throughout the night. >> still pretty warm here in the baltimore and d.c. areas. take a look at the rain. still heavy pockets. actually a flood warning in effect for the northern virginia area and around


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